Rss::Blocks 0.2
a codeblocks plugin that shows rss feeds

rssblocks Namespace Reference

Rss::Blocks const's. More...


class  RssBlocksPlugin
 Rss::Blocks plugin class. More...
class  RssBlocksCfgDlg
 Rss::Blocks config panel. More...
class  rsswindow
 Rss::Blocks window. More...


PluginRegistrant< RssBlocksPluginreg (_T("rssblocks"))
 EVT_KEY_DOWN (rsswindow::OnKey) rsswindow


const wxString rss_namespace = wxT("rssblocks")
const wxString url = wxT("url")
const wxString channeltp = wxT("channeltp")
const wxString itemtp = wxT("itemtp")
const wxString updatetime = wxT("updatetime")
const wxString savetmp = wxT("savetmp")
const wxString lasttmp = wxT("lasttmp")
const wxString url_def = wxT("")
const wxString channeltp_def = wxT("default.rbc")
const wxString itemtp_def = wxT("default.rbi")
const unsigned updatetime_def = 10
const bool savetmp_def = true

Detailed Description

Rss::Blocks const's.

This are the paths to config settings and the default values

Function Documentation

rssblocks::EVT_KEY_DOWN ( rsswindow::OnKey  )


Creates an object

parentthe parent for this window
idthe id for this window
PluginRegistrant<RssBlocksPlugin> rssblocks::reg ( _T("rssblocks")  )

Variable Documentation

const wxString rssblocks::channeltp = wxT("channeltp")
const wxString rssblocks::channeltp_def = wxT("default.rbc")
const wxString rssblocks::itemtp = wxT("itemtp")
const wxString rssblocks::itemtp_def = wxT("default.rbi")
const wxString rssblocks::lasttmp = wxT("lasttmp")
const wxString rssblocks::rss_namespace = wxT("rssblocks")
const wxString rssblocks::savetmp = wxT("savetmp")
const bool rssblocks::savetmp_def = true
const wxString rssblocks::updatetime = wxT("updatetime")
const unsigned rssblocks::updatetime_def = 10
const wxString rssblocks::url = wxT("url")
const wxString rssblocks::url_def = wxT("")