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virtuosonic::rsschannel Class Reference

A rss channel. More...

#include <rsschannel.h>

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Public Member Functions

 rsschannel (wxInputStream &rssdoc) throw (std::invalid_argument)
virtual ~rsschannel ()
rssitemsarray & GetItems ()
const wxString & Getdesc ()
const wxString & Gettitle ()
const wxString & Getlink ()

Detailed Description

A rss channel.

This class represents a rss channel, created from an wxInputStream with valid rss+xml data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtuosonic::rsschannel::rsschannel ( wxInputStream &  rssdoc) throw (std::invalid_argument)


This creates an rsschannel object

rssdocan inputstream containing xml rss data
virtuosonic::rsschannel::~rsschannel ( ) [virtual]


Does nothing

Member Function Documentation

const wxString& virtuosonic::rsschannel::Getdesc ( ) [inline]

Returns the description of the channel

rssitemsarray& virtuosonic::rsschannel::GetItems ( ) [inline]

Returns an array containing the items in this channel

const wxString& virtuosonic::rsschannel::Getlink ( ) [inline]

Returns the link of the channel

const wxString& virtuosonic::rsschannel::Gettitle ( ) [inline]

Returns the title of the channel

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