Rss::Blocks 0.2
a codeblocks plugin that shows rss feeds

Html Templates

Rss::Blocks can be customized by using html, to customize the Rss::Blocks window you need two files one .rbc file and one .rbi file. The .rbc is a Rss::Blocks channel template and the .rbi is a Rss::Blocks item template, basicly they are html but with some variables that are expanded by Rss::Blocks.

rbc file

The rbc file is a html file that contain some of this optional variables:

  • $(CHANNEL_TITLE): the channel's title
  • $(CHANNEL_LINK): the channel's link
  • $(CHANNEL_DESCRIPTION): a description for the channel
  • $(FEEDS): the feeds, this are generated from the rbi file

rbi file

The rbi file is the one used to generate each one of the feeds shown in the window, it isn't a html file but contains html tags and can contain some of this optional variables:

  • $(TITLE): the feed's title
  • $(LINK): the feed's link
  • $(DESCRIPTION): a description for the feed


For examples you can see default.rbc and default.rbi from the distribution. Rss::Blocks uses wxHtmlWindow to display the generated html and because of that it is very limited, no css, javascript etc. Adding support for wxWebConnect is planned for future releases, so then it will support all that modern features.